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Wednesday, 25 February 1987
Page: 570

Senator COLLARD (Leader of the National Party of Australia)(10.16) —I will lay down the Opposition's position once again, because we have come back to a piece of legislation which we considered the other day. In the second reading debate I put down the chronology of events for plant variety rights-how it started; how a colleague in a previous government, Peter Nixon, first introduced it. Subsequent to that there was a Senate standing committee report on the legislation which made recommendations and suggested certain amendments. Those have been picked up. Since that time there has also been a report by Professor Lazenby to the Hawke Government. Therefore, the Opposition feels that there is no need for any amendments or further debate. The issue has been around for a long time. The industries, without exception, are waiting for the legislation to be passed.

Therefore, we will not support the amendments. We do not want to see the legislation held up. Anybody wishing to make representations to any member of this chamber or any political party has had adequate opportunity to make such representations to any one of the committees considering the legislation, and have the committees deliberate on those representations and make recommendations. As has been said, the legislation is the result of previous legislation and it is the result of the deliberations of a Senate Standing committee and Professor Lazenby's committee. Therefore, we in the Opposition support it. We will not support any of the amendments which have been introduced by the Australian Democrats.