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Wednesday, 25 February 1987
Page: 565

Senator VALLENTINE —by leave-I present to the Senate the following petition, which is not in conformity with Standing Orders as it is not in the correct form, from 64 citizens from the Albany Peace Group praying that the present treaty between the United States of America and Australia concerning the nuclear installation of Pine Gap be rescinded:

Dear Members of the Senate,

We strongly urge you to consider the necessity to rescind the present treaty with U.S.A. concerning the nuclear installation at Pine Gap near Alice Springs.

Our main reasons are:

(1) American control endangers the Sovereignty of Australia within her own country.

(2) It greatly increases the danger of Australia becoming a Nuclear Target.

(3) A C.I.A. spying system established in Australia threatens democracy in every country.

Signatures supporting this letter are enclosed.