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Friday, 20 February 1987
Page: 363

Senator MACKLIN(11.29) —I wish to ask the Special Minister of State (Senator Tate) why a different principle is being adopted here in relation to these amendments from the one that the Government itself adopted in the Biological Control Bill 1984. In that Bill it set out very clearly that the operation should be advertised in a daily newspaper circulating in each State. In that debate Senator Grimes, the Minister who was in charge of that piece of legislation at the time, made great play of the fact that this type of information was necessary when one was engaging in such activities. Obviously in the case of the Biological Control Bill there was as much concern about damage and changes that might result from some type of activity on behalf of the Government as there is in this area. I would have thought that the principle was probably even more important in this area. Why was that principle adopted in the Biological Control Bill and not in this Bill?