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Thursday, 19 February 1987
Page: 238

Senator SANDERS(11.19) —We circulated two amendments. One has been rescinded. I do not know whether any copies of it are floating around the chamber but I would like honourable senators to destroy the old amendment, which was numbered A28723S at the top. The new amendment basically is to establish a mechanism for a report to be issued yearly on the location and status of Australian fissionable material in all its stages. This has not been done before, but it has not been because the Australian Safeguards Office, or indeed the Government, has been trying to hide anything; it is just that, as I understand it, there was no mechanism to do it. I realised that there was a necessity for this when, as I have mentioned previously in this chamber, I discovered that Australian uranium was going to Finland by way of France where it was converted into uranium hexafluoride, Russia where it was enriched and then Europe again for conversion to fuel rods. It finally ended up in Finland. No one really tried to hide this information from me, but there was no way for me to get it either without asking a specific question of the Minister.

This amendment is to establish a mechanism whereby the location of all Australian yellowcake and uranium can be traced. I will not take this any further. This amendment will be welcomed by all of us who are concerned over the use, and certainly the end uses, of Australian uranium. I hereby move the amendment and recommend it to the Committee. I move:

Page 32, clause 51, after subclause (1) insert the following subclauses:

``(1A) A report shall include the following information in respect of the period to which the report relates:

(a) for all nuclear material and associated items of Australian origin transferred from Australia to any foreign jurisdiction or between foreign jurisdictions:

(i) the total quantities in each stage of the nuclear fuel cycle; and

(ii) the intended end-use;

of the nuclear material and the items transferred to each jurisdiction;

(b) the quantities, categories and intended end-use of all nuclear material and associated items within Australia; and

(c) any unreconciled differences in quantities of:

(i) nuclear material of Australian origin, wherever situated; or

(ii) nuclear material within Australia, regardless of origin;

and an explanation of those differences.

``(1B) In subsection (1A), `foreign jurisdiction' means a foreign country or the European Atomic Energy Community.''

The CHAIRMAN —Is the Committee familiar with the amendment which is actually being moved? It is an amendment to clause 51.