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Wednesday, 18 February 1987
Page: 214

Senator DURACK(7.25) -What view does the Government take? Does it take the view that a permit will be necessary for somebody who is conducting such research in a university? I will cut matters short for the Minister who seems to be desperately anxious at the moment to move this matter on.

Senator Sanders —You have been filibustering for hours and you have nothing to say.

Senator DURACK —We have listened to the honourable senator ad nauseam and he has nothing to say.

Senator Sanders —Sit down. You are not contributing anything.

Senator DURACK —The honourable senator is only making the debate longer. As he has found out before, the honourable senator's interventions only prolong debates in this place and certainly encourage me to prolong them. So the honourable senator does not want any freedom of speech in this place except for the people who are listening to him. If we can just forget Senator Sanders for the moment; the second question I was addressing to the Minister concerned the responses to the advertisements of the Government to which he referred. Has this question been raised by any academic institution in Australia, or by people conducting research into the question of enrichment of uranium for peaceful purposes?