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Wednesday, 10 December 1986
Page: 3768

Senator COLLARD (Leader of the National Party of Australia)(11.28) —I join Senator Walsh and Senator Chaney in thanking the staff of the Parliament for the way in which they have looked after us. I suppose I am probably one of the first ones to partake of the services provided in the refreshment rooms. Not too many people get there before me, although some get there at about the same time. I acknowledge Senator Elstob. Staff arrive before us and prepare breakfast, and of course they are here long after we are gone, after this place rises. That is indicative of the work that the staff do for us and we are very appreciative of that. I add my best Christmas wishes to all senators. It is a time of good will, and from this moment on there will be good will until 17 February when we come back.

Senator McKiernan —Is that a promise?

Senator COLLARD —No, it is not a promise. It is a resolution. Obviously we will come back rejuvenated. At the end of every year one thinks: `Heck, what a year; the next one cannot possibly be any worse'. We all know darned well that it will be, from both the Government's point of view and our point of view. Things are not that good out there. So we will need to come back rejuvenated if we are to do the job that is required of us. I would just like to support what the two previous speakers have said, wish everybody the best for the festive season and hope it is a happy and a prosperous new year.