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Wednesday, 10 December 1986
Page: 3767

Senator WALSH (Minister for Finance)(11.23) —I move:

That the Senate do now adjourn.

In doing so, I observe that, should the rumours which have been discussed tonight turn out to be true, no doubt many other people in the Senate would like to take an opportunity, either on 17 February or at some time close to 17 February, to add their remarks to those which have already been expressed tonight. As I said earlier, circumstances which were not apparent until very recently are such that it is also my responsibility now to deliver the valedictory speech, if that is not too pretentious a title, for this session of the Parliament. In doing so, I express my sincere thanks and those of the Government-I hope I do not leave anyone out-to the attendants at Parliament House, whether they be the formal Senate attendants or other attendants, the Hansard staff, the catering staff in the dining room, the Senate administrative staff and the Parliamentary Library staff, all of whom serve the physical and other requirements of the people in the Parliament in their normal high standard. This has been a long session of the Parliament, and in particular a long final continuous period of sittings. I know that I am certainly feeling fatigued and I guess that that goes for many other people on both sides.

At this time it is customary also for whoever represents the Government to convey the compliments of the festive season to all senators, whether they be on the right side or the wrong side. Without wishing to be unduly provocative, I might say that after what the Opposition tried to do to the Taxation Administration Amendment (Recovery of Tax Debts) Bill last week I find it rather difficult to wish Opposition senators well. But I rise to perform the duty required under the circumstances, and wish everybody, whether on the right side or the wrong side, the compliments of the season and trust that those of us who are coming back here on 17 February will come back much less fatigued than most of us are now.