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Tuesday, 9 December 1986
Page: 3655

(Question No. 1446)

Senator Brownhill asked the Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce, upon notice, on 17 October 1986:

(1) Were 2 people detained at Sydney International Airport on Monday 14 September 1986 attempting to illegally import foreign birds.

(2) What numbers and varieties of birds were involved.

(3) What happened to those birds.

(4) Have charges been laid against the 2 people involved; if so, under what legislation, and what are the charges.

(5) If charges have not been laid, when are they to be laid; if none are forthcoming, why not.

Senator Button —The answer to the honour- able senator's question is as follows:

(1) Yes-2 people were intercepted on Monday which was 15 September 1986.

(2) The birds were identified as: 2 x Pintail Wydah (Vidua Macroura), 4 x Red Crested Finches (Coryphospingus Cucullis), 2 x Paradise Wydah (Vidue Paradisea).

(3) The birds were transferred to an officer of the Australian Quarantine Service for disposal.

(4) A brief of evidence against both persons has been prepared and is under consideration with a view to laying charges under the Customs Act, the Quarantine Act and the Wildlife Protection Act.

(5) See (4).