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Friday, 5 December 1986
Page: 3463

Senator VIGOR —by leave-I present the following petition, which is not in conformity with the Standing Orders, from 2,231 citizens of Australia opposing the amalgamation of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the Special Broadcasting Service:

We the undersigned strongly oppose the merger of SBS (radio and television) with the ABC. We believe the financial reasons for the decision to merge are ill conceived, as evidenced by the Report of the Government's own Connor Committee of Review.

The Ethnic Communities of Australia cannot understand why the Government proposes this merger without any consultation with the communities most severely affected.

The Government must be aware that Ethnic Communities and other Anglo-Celtic Australians will not stand by and watch multi-culturalism in this country being reduced to tokenism.

The amalgamation of SBS and the ABC constitutes the end of autonomous ethnic broadcasting in Australia.