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Thursday, 4 December 1986
Page: 3402

Senator HARRADINE(5.35) —I go to clause 21 of the Public Service Legislation (Streamlining) Bill 1986 which is an amendment to section 33 of the Public Service Act. It omits from sub-paragraph (1) (b) (ii) the words `and other attributes' and substitutes the words `personal qualities and potential for development'. Mr Chairman, are we dealing with the Bill as a whole?

The CHAIRMAN —We are dealing with the Bill as a whole. We have six amendments before the Chair, but I am accepting debate on the Bill as a whole as well as the amendments.

Senator HARRADINE —Thank you. I note the point made in the explanatory memorandum, but I am rather interested to know what is really meant by `personal qualities' in the change of that description.

Senator Walsh —Was that a real question? If it was a real question, I will take it on notice.

Senator HARRADINE —It was a question. I have in front of me a Public Service Board circular dated 10 November, signed by a Barbara R. Benson, Deputy Director, Equal Employment Opportunity Bureau. It relates to guidelines on the elimination of discrimination against homosexual men and women in the Australian Public Service. I would like to know what was meant by the changes that are referred to in clause 21. If the question has to be taken on notice, let it be so.