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Wednesday, 3 December 1986
Page: 3222

Senator GRIMES (Manager of Government Business) —I table papers in accordance with the list circulated to honourable senators. I seek leave to have the list incorporated in Hansard.

Leave granted.

The list read as follows-

1. Monitoring recombinant DNA technology: a five year review-recombinant DNA monitoring committee report.

2. The Pipeline Authority-Annual report 1985-86-Pursuant to section 45 of the Pipeline Authority Act 1973.

3. A.C.T. Registrar of Co-operative Societies-Annual report 1984-85.

4. Australian National Railways Commission-Annual report 1985-86-Pursuant to section 66 of the Australian National Railways Commission Act 1983.

5. Advisory Council for inter-government relations-Annual report 1985-86-Pursuant to section 7 of the Advisory Council for Inter-government Relations Act 1976.

6. Complaints relating to the protest at Pine Gap, November 1983-Human Rights Commission report-Pursuant to section 30 of the Human Rights Commission Act 1981.