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Tuesday, 2 December 1986
Page: 3201

Senator RYAN (Minister for Education)(10.00) —Senator Macklin is right and he is wrong at the same time. He is right in saying that there was a commitment in 1984 that over the triennium there would be a redistribution of funds which had been paid on a per capita non-means-tested basis to all institutions to make loans-(Quorum formed) The decision was made in 1984 to redistribute those funds to an emergency loans scheme, but the funds were phased out on a yearly basis for the triennium. So Senator Macklin is wrong in suggesting that no new funds are available to the institutions. In fact, $4 1/2m has just been formally allocated to them to bring the total amount over the triennial period to $11m. Nothing that I have ever said has suggested that there would be any more than a global figure of $11m for this purpose. But the extra $4.5m, or whatever it is, for the 1987 allocation has just been made available to the institutions.