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Tuesday, 2 December 1986
Page: 3197

Senator RYAN (Minister for Education)(9.27) —Senator Peter Baume is precisely right in his analysis of the effect of the amendment and its application. It applies to a part of the Bill which allows for exemptions. Therefore, if the disallowance motion rather than the regulation procedure were used it would be used only to disallow an exemption. That is, our Government may have decided to exempt, as we have done, supporting parents or invalid pensioners. The only practical outcome of the procedure that Senator Macklin is advocating is that the Senate could remove the exemption. So the student who enrolled believing that he had an exemption because he was an invalid, or for some other reason, would suddenly find that he did not have an exemption. This is why I made the point, which Senator Macklin did not seem to notice, that one of the main reasons for our rejecting this proposal is that it could create uncertainty among students and unequal treatment as between students whose exemption was maintained and students whose exemption was removed. I thank Senator Peter Baume for his accurate comment on the proposal.

Amendment negatived.