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Tuesday, 2 December 1986
Page: 3133

Senator DURACK(11.50) —A further misrepresentation of the-

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Jessop) —Order! Senator Durack, the Chair has exercised some leniency with respect to the matter we have been discussing. I have allowed time on both sides. I suggest that subsequent speakers direct their attention to the clauses before the Committee.

Senator DURACK —Mr Temporary Chairman, with respect, the Bill contains a definition of `stationing'. Senator Evans is endeavouring to misrepresent the position of the Opposition in relation to that matter. He has done so again. All I can do is ask that he pay some attention to exactly what Mr Peacock said in the House of Representatives debate on page 356 of Hansard, not page 358. He does not even have the page in front of him. I suggest that he read that, and read it carefully. He will see that the Opposition's concern is not that we want to have nuclear weapons stationed in Australia, period. We are simply saying that if, in a time of emergency or war, the United States, as we would want it to do, came to Australia's aid, the definition of `stationing' would probably prevent the proper deployment of United States forces in Australia.