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Monday, 1 December 1986
Page: 3069

Senator MACKLIN(4.50) —The Australian Democrats would prefer that, if any honourable senators wish to do so, we debate all 42 papers in the order in which they are listed. The arguments that Senator Gareth Evans raised in terms of the order of listing can and have been disputed from time to time. Indeed, it is hoped that some type of rationalisation of the ordering will be achieved, certainly in the next session. But I think that if the Government were able to give an undertaking that, since only a couple more papers or reports might be coming in this week--

Senator Gareth Evans —No. There are 11 tomorrow and after that we are not quite sure.

Senator MACKLIN —It seems to me that if the Government gave an undertaking that we could work through the papers in the order in which they appear on the list, I think that we could easily get through all of these papers plus the additional ones in the five remaining days of this session. It is fairly obvious if one actually has a look at the way papers are dealt with that--

Senator Messner —Do you think we will believe that rubbish? You do not think they will allow us to debate the Taxation Commissioner's report, do you? How naive you lot are.

Senator MACKLIN —It is interesting to see Senator Messner getting very excited about papers. I think that Senator Messner's record would probably pale into insignificance if it were put up against that of Senator Vigor.

Senator Messner —He wins by a street.

Senator MACKLIN —I notice that Senator Messner throws up his hands in surrender. The list contains a number of papers which are important to certain people. We believe that the papers should be dealt with in the order in which they are listed. We ought to be able to deal with all of the papers this week. As Sessional Orders will not allow this course to be followed, can the Government give an indication that it will allow papers to be dealt with in this way?