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Friday, 28 November 1986
Page: 2973

Senator GARETH EVANS (Minister for Resources and Energy)(11.11) — On the question of the alleged bribery which Senator Walters raised a number of times, she was referring of course to the grants that have been given by the Human Rights Commission to encourage people to develop--

Senator Walters —Not to the schools; to the teachers.

Senator GARETH EVANS —To the teachers, that is right. I said `people'. Grants have been given to people to develop teaching programs in human rights. The money is to cover the expenses of trialling the program. It is not regarded as remuneration. The program has been accepted by schools authorities including, I might draw to Senator Walters's attention, Catholic education offices. If it is the case that teachers have a little left over after they have incurred the expenses that are associated with this, might I just suggest in a spirit of Christian charity that it is small recompense for the additional work and report writing as to the effectiveness of the program which the people on the receiving end of these grants are required to do.

As to the question of the experimental kit which Senator Walters has apparently had some difficulty in getting hold of another copy, I am told that the kit has been revised. A new edition is in the course of preparation and will be available in a couple of weeks time. Whether the revision is enough to satisfy Senator Walters's concerns about the original experimental version of it remains to be seen; but she will have an opportunity to see for herself in two or three weeks time.