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Friday, 28 November 1986
Page: 2959

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Community Services)(9.46) —by leave-I move:

(1) Page 5, clause 4, line 17, insert ``except in the case of a price referred to in the definition of `publisher's paper costs' in sub-section (1),'' before ``an amount''.

(2) Page 11, clause 10, line 41, leave out ``was commenced and''.

(3) Page 27, clause 33, after paragraph (1) (g) insert the following paragraph:

``(ga) a decision of the Comptroller for the purposes of sub-section 19 (4);''.

The principal amendment proposes to correct an anomaly in the legislation by including in the Bill a transitional provision to enable payment of bounty on eligible books being produced under the old bounty but not completed until after 31 December 1986. It is the Government's intention that those books continue to be bountiable, under the new arrangements. Accordingly, amendment (2) proposes to insert into the Bill a provision to enable bounty to be paid on books commencing prior to 1 January-that is, the date of the commencement of the new bounty arrangements-but completed after that date.

In amendment (1) the opportunity has been taken to remove an apparent unintentional effect of clause 4 (5) of the Bill. The amendment proposes to make it clear that the provision of that sub-clause will not have the effect of reducing publishers' paper costs by 16.7 per cent to take account of profit, thereby doubling the reduction in the amount of the bounty.

Amendment (3) proposes the insertion into the Bill of clause 33 (1) (gd). It provides that a decision of the Comptroller on the date on which a person is to be registered under the Bill is to be reviewable by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The absence of such a provision was brought to the attention of the Government by the Senate Standing Committee for the Scrutiny of Bills in its most recent Alert Digest. The Government concurs with the view of the Committee and proposes the amendment to correct the position.

Amendments agreed to.