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Thursday, 27 November 1986
Page: 2903

Senator MACKLIN(5.07) —I have one short question along the lines of Senator Michael Baume's question relating to questions not being answered. These were actually raised by Senator Vigor on 23 October and they deal with the memo that was circulated to all members of parliament with regard to the transmission over telephone lines of data. He wanted to know whether anybody had ever thought of doing a cost analysis of the use of telephone lines between one's electorate office and here in terms of the transmission of data. I did a short cost analysis and discovered that it was far cheaper to send something over the computer telephone lines than it was to dictate over the phone to a person taking it down in shorthand. He asked that question on 23 October and there has been no response. I ask the Minister: Why was such a direction put out? Was such a study undertaken to find out whether it was more costly or less costly to transmit data in that way?