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Thursday, 27 November 1986
Page: 2881

Senator BOSWELL —I refer the Minister representing the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs to the fact that Queensland Aboriginals and Islanders receive only 9 per cent of the Federal Department of Aboriginal Affairs budget allocations, including only 6 per cent of the allocation in heritage and cultural programs, economic and community development, social services, legal services and corporate services. As Queensland has 28 per cent of Australia's Aboriginal population, when might Queensland Aboriginals and Islanders receive a fair allocation of Federal Government funds to assist in their economic and social development?

Senator RYAN —It is a most unusual and therefore quite welcome phenomenon for a Queensland National Party senator to express any interest at all in the Aboriginal population of Queensland. I have no way of confirming the analysis of funding for various Aboriginal programs by the Commonwealth Department of Aboriginal Affairs that Senator Boswell's question contained, so I suggest that he put that question on notice and Mr Holding will reply to it.