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Wednesday, 26 November 1986
Page: 2803

Senator DURACK(5.16) —Utter confusion is reigning here largely because of the way the Government has presented this legislation as I complained in the first place. We are dealing with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Bill 1985 as a whole. Comments-I have made some-can be made on that Bill. The Government has moved a raft of amendments-I think there are 10-to the provisions relating to the structure of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and how it will work. Some other amendments are being made to the Bill before us. I am quite aware that we are now debating the Government's own amendments and I suggest that we could debate how this new structure will operate.

The CHAIRMAN —I think I can deal with the matter. The Government's 10 amendments have now been passed and the question before the Committee is that the Bill, as amended, be agreed to. I understand it has been agreed that it is appropriate, Senator Durack, if you wish, to move together-by leave-your three amendments which deal with the question of discrimination.

Senator DURACK —Of course I wish to do so. However, I also wish to deal with the way in which the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission will be operating as a result of the amendments that the Government is making to it.