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Tuesday, 25 November 1986
Page: 2730

(Question No. 1370)

Senator Mason asked the Attorney-General, upon notice, on 17 September 1986:

(1) What is the purpose of the Statutory Authority titled, Law Courts Ltd.

(2) When was the Authority established and what has been its operating costs for each year of its existence.

(3) How many staff have been employed by the Authority for each year of its existence.

(4) What functions does each staff member perform.

(5) Are there any plans to expand the Authority and if so, what do these plans involve.

Senator Gareth Evans —The Attorney- General has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) Law Courts Limited is not a statutory authority. It is a company limited by guarantee, registered under the New South Wales Companies Legislation and jointly owned by the Governments of New South Wales and the Commonwealth. The objects of the Company are stated in its Memorandum and Articles of Association but briefly they are to provide accommodation for New South Wales and Commonwealth Courts and associated activities. The Company has vested in it ownership of the joint New South Wales/Commonwealth Law Courts Building situated at Queens Square in Sydney.

(2) The Company was established in 1974 and its operating costs for each financial year since then are as follows:











The building opened in January 1977.

(3) 28 staff have been employed from 1977-1986 inclusive.

(4) Staff currently employed are:

Secretariat/Building Management Services

1 Company Secretary/Building Manager

1 Office Manager

1 Pay and Accounts Clerk

1 Stenographer

1 Office Assistant

2 Telephonists

House Services

1 House Officer

1 Assistant House Officer

4 Commissionaires

6 Security Officers

2 Basement Attendants

Building Maintenance

1 Plant Superintendent

2 Plant Operators

1 Fitter

1 Electrician

2 Tradesperson Assistants

(5) There are no plans to expand the Company.