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Tuesday, 25 November 1986
Page: 2704

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Community Services)(8.12) —First, I make a general comment. If one carries Senator Chaney's original impassioned words to their extreme, all industries receiving bounties would continue to get those bounties for ever. That is the only way one can have the predictable situation he talks about. He knows that is nonsense and he knows perfectly well that this measure is a fiscal measure. He knows perfectly well that is was introduced to cut government expenditure in this area. We have never pretended or said that it was otherwise. Secondly, as Senator Button has informed the honourable senator, the Department has, as part of its duty, generally to monitor the effects of such bounty changes and the effects of its bounties on the industries involved. It is my understanding that that will continue. In February when returns come in from the investigation of this matter we will have a better idea of the effects of the bounty and the bounty changes on the industry. I cannot tell the honourable senator specifically how many people are involved. I am informed that there is a continuing process. I will certainly endeavour to find out for the honourable senator specifically how many people are involved. I do not know at what levels they are. However I can find it out from the Minister when he returns.