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Wednesday, 19 November 1986
Page: 2538

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Community Services)(9.19) —I understand from my advisers that Senator Newman is complaining-and I have heard this before-that the Tourism Advisory Council does not have representation from each State. My response to that is, I think, the response that every Minister on both sides of the chamber has given, probably since Federation. It is not where they come from, it is the quality of the advice that they give that matters. I will seek from my colleague just why that is so. I suppose the fact that there is no Tasmanian on the Council is the problem.

Senator Newman —Or Western Australian.

Senator GRIMES —Or Western Australian.

Senator Newman —Or South Australian.

Senator GRIMES —Maybe the reason is that the best people are picked rather than choosing someone from each State. I will try to find out for the honourable senator. If she believes that every committee and every organisation of this type should have a representative from Tasmania, I ask her to think of probably the most powerful organisation in this country, the High Court of Australia. How long is it since a Tasmanian has been on that body? Who has picked all the High Court judges over the years?

Proposed expenditure agreed to.

Department of Arts, Heritage and Environment

Proposed expenditure, $193,300,000.