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Wednesday, 19 November 1986
Page: 2537

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Community Services)(9.14) —It does not mean that the project has been dropped it just means that it will be completed much later than the Commonwealth originally thought it would.

Senator Newman —The State has to finance it.

Senator GRIMES —The State does not have to finance it.

Senator Newman —The State is financing it this year, Senator.

Senator GRIMES —The State and the Commonwealth are both in the project and if the State is lagging in its contributions then the Commonwealth lags behind too. We are driven by the State Government. I know that the honourable senator is here as a--

Senator Newman —I am a resident Tasmanian senator.

Senator GRIMES —The honourable senator is a resident Tasmanian but she is also here to explain the lack of activity of the State Government. We are going to have a netball facility at Hoblers Bridge Road. It is going to be a very good facility.

Senator Newman —Tasmanian taxpayers pay the interest while you sit on your capital.

Senator GRIMES —Not at all. Why should we not have a proper facility and why should we not build it at the proper rate and why should we not end up with it?

Senator Newman —Why shouldn't we stick to the agreement.

Senator GRIMES —For heavens sake! Senator Newman should come in here and give some facts. She should not just be an apologist for the difficulties of the State Government, which are perfectly understandable and reasonable difficulties. But let us no blame each other because of a bit of a delay in building a facility that we need.