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Wednesday, 19 November 1986
Page: 2536

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Community Services)(9.08) —I do not think honourable senators achieve much if they indulge in rhetoric and hyperbole across the chamber about what is misleading and what is not. I just comment in passing that I remember after the 1981-82 Budget the heart-rending television advertisements about how families were going to be helped by that Budget, which I understand Senator Michael Baume had something to do with at that time. We were all asked to weep and say how marvellous the then Government was. The Government of the day has a fringe benefits tax. It is my understanding that we have approved, I think, $2m for that advertising; there may be more. I will check that for Senator Baume. Whether or not that advertising is more misleading than the advertising was in 1981-82 I will leave for debate at other times rather than during the consideration of Appropriation Bills, when we are supposed to be concerned with objective judgments and facts.

Senator Michael Baume —You are going to provide facts?

Senator GRIMES I will provide the facts.