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Wednesday, 19 November 1986
Page: 2534

Senator MICHAEL BAUME(8.57) —I asked the Minister for Finance (Senator Walsh) what will be the cost of the advertising campaign specifically--

Senator McIntosh —Mr Temporary Chairman, I raise a point of order. The same questions will be repeated. This is monotonous repetition. Surely under the rules we do not have to have the monotonous repetition of questions that have been answered.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —I have ruled against your point of order previously. I have invited the Minister to provide answers to the questions that have been asked of him and he has chosen to take an attitude.

Senator MICHAEL BAUME —I asked the Minister whether he would advise the Committee specifically of the cost of the fringe benefits tax advertising-I described it as misleading and disgraceful-which it is claimed in the Australian Financial Review is likely to be $5m. The reason this point is worth reinforcing is that the figure of about $49.7m that the Minister just gave for the total advertising budget would suggest--

Senator Walsh —That is with add-ons.

Senator MICHAEL BAUME —So it would be wrong, would it, for the Committee to take the view that 10 per cent of the total government advertising budget for this year will be spent on misleading advertising about the fringe benefits tax? Is that what the Committee can assume from that figure?