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Wednesday, 19 November 1986
Page: 2529

Senator McINTOSH(8.30) —I would like to say something about the Anzac Rifle Club. I have received quite a bit of correspondence about the Anzac Rifle Range. In fairness to the club, I do not think it is much interested in the point scoring that has taken place in the Senate. It is more concerned about the future of the club. It has made arrangements internationally to have a bicentennial shoot on that rifle range. Its concern is that it has only just discovered that the rifle range could be put up for sale by the Commonwealth Government. It would like to know what the position is as far as the club is concerned. Can the Commonwealth find an alternative site for it? If not, can it help it out of the situation of having already made arrangements internationally to hold this bicentennial shoot at the Anzac Rifle Range?

It has already spoken to the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism (Mr John Brown). It has received no firm decision to date. It is keen to receive some firm decision. It is upset about the range being sold, but it is not taking it out on the Commonwealth Government. It accepts that if the Commonwealth Government intends to sell the range it will be sold. It is concerned about the arrangements it has already entered into for the bicentennial shoot. It is still in a dilemma as to what the situation is. It would like a definite answer from the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism so that it can continue with the arrangements it has already made. It has already gone to a lot of expense, and it will certainly be liable for that expense. I do not think there is anything unreasonable about the request of the Anzac Rifle Club for the Minister to let it know what the position is as soon as possible. It is not concerned about whether the responsibility lies with the State or the Commonwealth. It is concerned to know whose responsibility it will be to see that it can continue with the international shoot.