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Wednesday, 19 November 1986
Page: 2524

Senator VIGOR(6.26) —During the debate on the Australian Institute of Sport legislation on 9 October the Minister for Education (Senator Ryan) asserted:

. . . it is a policy of our Government, and one we have gone to considerable lengths to implement, that on any Government appointed body there should be as far as possible equal representation of the sexes.

This was when she refused the Australian Democrats amendment to that Bill to achieve such equal representation on the Board of the Australian Institute of Sport. What is the current status on that particular Board? I note that the membership of the Tourism Advisory Council is set out in Additional Estimates material for the Department of Sport, Recreation and Tourism and there is just one woman among the 21 people listed. I would like to know whether this is a reasonable example of how the Government's policy is being implemented. On the National Australia Day Council there are four women in a list of 14 names. One of the 13 commissioners of the Australian Tourist Commission is female. Does this, in fact, mean that some Ministers have to be worked on a fair bit to be able to get this policy implemented? I seek such an answer from Senator Ryan who is here now.

The other question I would like to follow up relates to the estimates of total expenditure on advertising and promotional activities and general relations by the Government departments during 1985-86. The figure of $49.27m was given without an indication of what it actually included-whether it included on-cost elements and exactly what was meant by this very large figure. Could we get an idea of the on-cost figure which was adopted in this particular case? I would also like to know whether the Minister is able to indicate or to give us an all up advertising and promotional figure for all government operations including statutory bodies. As the co-ordination of advertising occurs within this Department that figure should be available.