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Wednesday, 19 November 1986
Page: 2523

Senator FOREMAN —In accordance with the provisions of the Public Works Committee Act, I present a report relating to the construction of a new wharf and seamanship school at HMAS Cerberus, Crib Point, Victoria.

Ordered that the report be printed.

Senator FOREMAN —by leave-HMAS Cerberus is the Royal Australian Navy's largest training establishment. It occupies a 1,500 hectare site at Crib Point, near Westernport Bay in Victoria. The base has been developed over many years and contains instructional facilities for a number of schools including the seamanship school. The major components of the proposal which the Committee on Public Works examined is the construction of a new building to house the seamanship school, and a wharf including a marina.

The Committee found that existing facilities and arrangements for training sailors in seamanship, survival at sea and ship husbandry are substandard and antiquated. The Committee concluded that the proposed new seamanship school building will meet the Navy's functional requirements.

The report draws attention to two matters which should be further examined by the Department of Defence and the Department of Housing and Construction. The first is the provision of storage space for paints and other flammable products in the ship husbandry section of the building. The Committee believes the location of this storage space should be reviewed and if necessary an alternative location found.

The second is the amount of space available for instructors-65 square metres for 10 instructors. The Committee believes the space allocation provided should be reviewed. Another component of the proposed work is the construction of a wharf for assigned and visiting craft, such as patrol boats, and seamanship training, and a floating marina for training and support craft. The need for these facilities was clearly demonstrated, and the extent and design of the proposed facilities will enable practical seamanship training to be carried out and for operational training and support vessels to be adequately moored and maintained.

Dredging of the turning basin adjacent to the wharf and of the channel into Hann's Inlet is also proposed. The Committee is conscious of the need to ensure that the effects of the dredging on the environment is minimised. On the basis of assurances given by departmental officials, the Committee is satisfied that every precaution will be taken to minimise the effects of the dredging.