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Wednesday, 19 November 1986
Page: 2485

Senator McKIERNAN —My question, which concerns the Australian War Memorial, is directed to the Minister for Veterans' Affairs. It has been observed that the kiosk at the Australian War Memorial bears the Memorial's logo and that Press advertisements for the kiosk also use that logo. I ask the Minister: Is the kiosk operated as a private business by a person unconnected with the Memorial? If so, is the kiosk entitled to use the logo? Finally, who authorised the use of the logo in this manner?

Senator GIETZELT —There is a logo that is used by the Australian War Memorial and, of course, it is a symbolic logo that commemorates the sacrifice of all Australia's war dead. I would regard it with the same reverence with which governments, past and present, have regarded the use of the word `Anzac'. As I have said before, it is in the hands of the Minister of the day to make sure that that word does not get used for any commercial purposes. I would imagine that that ought to be the approach in respect of the logo that is associated with the Australian War Memorial. I would regard it as manifestly improper and highly irregular if any private organisation or individual, particularly a profit making enterprise, were using that logo for any commercial purpose. Under no circumstances would any government or the veterans community agree to the use of that logo for any financial benefit. However, if it is being used for the purposes that have been suggested, I certainly will again examine that and report back to the Parliament as soon as possible.