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Wednesday, 19 November 1986
Page: 2483

Senator SHORT —Did the Minister for Finance address a conference organised by the Australian Labor Party Federal Electorate Council for the seat of Sydney last weekend? If so, was the audience composed largely of academics, environmentalists, equal opportunity officers, gay activists, lesbian separatists, Public Service trade union officials, resources persons and anti-nuclear campaigners? Did the audience interject during the Minister's address, which was on economic issues, in terms such as, `what about the workers', `tool of the money markets', `privileged pollie', `pension basher', and `sexist'? What is the Minister's response to these allegations?

Senator WALSH —I am sure that no reasonable person would accuse me of being any of those things. I think that the description of the audience was an accurate quotation from David Clark's report of it, written in the colourful language which David Clark sometimes uses. Quite frankly, I would not know whether there were representatives of all of those groups at the conference-it was not a conference; it was called a seminar, I think-that were characterised by Mr Clark, or whether all of those groups actually exist. But they were not wearing labels identifying themselves as lesbian separatists, resources persons, Public Service union officials, or whatever else was contained in that list. Quite frankly, I do not know. I think the honourable senator should take it up with Mr Clark.