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Wednesday, 19 November 1986
Page: 2482

Senator JONES —Has the attention of the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs been drawn to an article in the Sydney Daily Telegraph of 18 November 1986 in which it is stated that speculation is mounting that Milan Brych, the cancer quack recently released from a United States gaol after serving half of a six-year gaol sentence for medical fraud relating to his discredited treatment methods, will return to Australia? Has any application been made to the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs or his Department from Brych, a New Zealand citizen? If such an application has been made or is received in the future what is the likely response from the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs?

Senator GRIMES —I did see some media speculation that Milan Brych had applied to return to Australia-specifically to Queensland, I gather. But neither I nor the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs have any knowledge of the gentleman having made any application to come to Australia. Certainly, as a New Zealand citizen, he would normally not need a visa to enter Australia. But as someone who served a prison sentence exceeding 12 months for the offence of medical fraud that he committed in the United States, he would be deemed to be a prohibited non-citizen. Unless he had an endorsed entry permit, one that acknowledged his conviction and sentence, in order to enter Australia he would have to apply for a visa before he came to Australia. I cannot judge, nor can the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs make any judgment, as to whether such a visa would be issued. But I assure the honourable senator that considerations such as Milan Brych's background in New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Australia and the United States, would be taken into account before he would be allowed to return here, no matter how much of a friend he may be of people in high places in Queensland.