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Wednesday, 19 November 1986
Page: 2474

Senator VIGOR(12.19) —I have asked some questions on these estimates. It appears that currently Ministers are playing musical chairs. In the process, a sensible question that I asked--

Senator Walsh —Put them on notice.

Senator VIGOR —Well, it seems to me to be a question on which at least some comment could be made by a Minister who is supposed to be watching for rorts in the system which he spends a lot of time accusing people on the Opposition side of having initiated. We spend a lot of time bringing to the notice of the Minister for Finance, Senator Walsh, rorts such as those which appear to have taken place with respect to the first home owners scheme. I believe that I asked a pretty straightforward question-that is, what is the Government in fact doing to examine ways of cutting down on cheating in the first home owners scheme area. I asked a single question in respect of the Department of Housing and Construction. I believe it is extremely reasonable to expect that, if this debate is to be taken seriously by the Minister or by anybody else, which it should be because we are dealing with the appropriations for the running of the Public Service of this country, such simple questions relating to the operation of the Public Service and how it is handling certain problems should in fact be answered. I ask the Minister whether he can do something.