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Tuesday, 18 November 1986
Page: 2422

Senator WALTERS(8.44) —I believe that publication of the Year Book for 1987 has been suspended-I do not think that many people are aware of this-as a Government cost-saving measure. Employers of all industries, large and small, right down to the smallest, are forced to give information to the Australian Bureau of Statistics at considerable cost to the majority of them. If, in 1987, they are not to get any value from the statistics-and there is considerable value to the majority of industries which use the statistics for planning their business-will they be asked to supply statistics for 1987? I presume that the area is not being ignored altogether and that the Government will not consider it to be far too costly to gather the statistics that businesses are forced to give. But if they are not being made available to the source from which they come can the Minister for Education (Senator Ryan) tell me just what will take place? Can she also tell me where in the Budget Statements this information was made available to the public? Where is it listed in the Budget Papers? I have not been able to find it. Do the people of Australia know that the statistics that they are giving will not be made available to them? I repeat: Can the Minister tell me what is taking the place of the Year Book?