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Tuesday, 21 May 1985
Page: 2270

Senator PETER RAE(8.57) —I am quite happy to divulge one source-it is Mr McQuitty in his letter dated 4 July 1984. My other figure is the Minister's own estimate of the calculation of 12 work years--

Senator Grimes —No, that was off the top of my head. You claimed to have sources; I did not.

Senator PETER RAE —What I said was that if we took the Minister's calculation of 12 years at $30,000 a year as being one figure and add a figure that I understand to be in the ball park region of the estimate made by the Auditor-General of the amount of work in the Auditor-General's office, we find we are talking about a large figure.

Senator Grimes —That is your figure. Is it the Auditor-General's figure? I want to know whose figure it is. You have to tell me how reliable it is. You are just getting up here and asserting it. I should have been a lawyer.

Senator PETER RAE —I have listened to the Minister's dissertation with interest. I ask him whether he would endeavour to obtain for us the letter which is referred to by Mr McQuitty in the first paragraph of his letter; that is, the letter of 16 May 1984 from Mr Monaghan to Mr McQuitty. Perhaps if we had this letter we could better understand how all this came about.