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Tuesday, 21 May 1985
Page: 2262

Senator PUPLICK(8.15) —Prior to the suspension of the sitting at 6.30 the Minister informed me that inward duty-free shopping would be operational in Australia by 1 July. She now tells me that the matter is 'still under consideration'. All I am trying to establish from Senator Ryan is whether the matter has been concluded, with a decision having been made, because on 2 May reports appeared in a number of Australian newspapers-they may indeed have been inaccurate Press reports-that, following representations by Senator Walsh in regard to whether duty-free shopping should be totally eliminated as a cost saving measure, Cabinet had concluded its discussions and had decided to introduce inward duty-free shopping. Prior to our rising for the dinner break Senator Ryan said that it would be in place by 1 July. My question is quite a simple one: Will it be in place by 1 July; if so, will it be introduced by legislation, as the Ministers have promised, or will it be introduced by some other action which does not involve legislation? If it does not involve legislation, clearly the Government is reneging on the written assurances given by three of its Ministers.