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Tuesday, 21 May 1985
Page: 2250

Senator PETER RAE(5.19) —So that we may understand the nature of the claims that were being made by Mr Whitehead and the answer that has been given, could some broad summary be given in writing at a later stage of what was contained in the $8m and $30m cuts?

Senator Grimes —Yes.

Senator PETER RAE —I thank the Minister. I wish now to refer to page 14 of the further additional information which has been provided and which begins with the question:

Concerning the ABC, at what percentage rate is the latest actuarial requirement for employer's contribution.

This referred to superannuation. The answer was:

. . . the Department of Finance . . . advised that three actuarial reports have yet to be completed by the Actuary and it is not expected that an announcement will be made until those reports have been considered.

I am unclear as to why there are three actuarial reports. Can the Minister explain? I will then ask a further question.