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Tuesday, 21 May 1985
Page: 2248

Senator PETER RAE(5.10) —In relation to that, there was one apparent error in about 40 specific examples given. I do not think that is bad. If the honourable senator could be as accurate, I think he would be doing quite well.

Senator Grimes —That would be very easy to check, but you obviously did not bother.

Senator PETER RAE —The information given to me was that the books were in the bookshop. I had not personally been to check that. Perhaps, after this, I will make a personal check, and do a double check as to the information which is provided to me. However, I find that that is a rather cheapskate sort of remark not really deserving of the nature of the debate which has taken place and which I have been trying to keep on a proper level.

I refer to another matter, the thirtieth anniversary of the Bandung Conference in Indonesia and the efficiency or otherwise with which the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is now able to organise the co-ordination at an editorial level of the coverage of events. What mechanism is there in the ABC for the co-ordination at an editorial level of the coverage of events, both at home and overseas, by different elements of the ABC, especially between television and radio and between separate elements within each medium, bearing in mind that apparently for the not exactly world spectacular thirtieth anniversary of the Bandung Conference the ABC had about nine members of staff representing four different program outlets present, all I think, travelling to Indonesia to cover events? Certainly there were some from Singapore and some from Australia. What has been done under the restructuring of the ABC which, as I understood it from what had previously been said by the Managing Director, was to be the media split of the organisation between the television and radio divisions to make the ABC 'more streamlined and efficient'? I wonder whether having nine people representing four different program outlets at the conference, most of them travelling very considerable distances at considerable cost, is an example of streamlining and efficiency?