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Thursday, 16 May 1985
Page: 2112

Senator CHANEY (Leader of the Opposition)(6.23) —I thank the Minister for his comments and indicate that the Opposition agrees with the broad direction indicated by the Minister. The Opposition, like the Government, can see value in the point which has been put forward. On the initial reading of the draft and on the basis of an earlier discussion with Senator Jack Evans outside the chamber, it appears to me that some of the difficulties can be met. He gave me some indication of the sort of international material which is available. But I see quite considerable potential administrative difficulties, given the number of foreign countries, the range of prohibitions which might apply and also the occasional misuse of provisions by countries other than Australia in order to control trade. I want to be quite satisfied that we are not going to pick up some supposed regulations or provisions governing hazardous goods which, in fact, had some quite different purpose.

Senator Button —Excuse me for asking, but don't you have square cheeses of some kind in Western Australia which are round in every other State?

Senator CHANEY —I am sure that there are plenty of examples of the sort of thing the Minister has raised. I am sure that they do not exist in my State of Western Australia, which I am required to say is absolutely perfect in every way. I think the Minister's undertaking to examine the matter is an appropriate response. We would not support this amendment at this stage but would be very interested in seeing the matter further developed and followed up.