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Wednesday, 15 May 1985
Page: 1974

Senator RYAN (Minister for Education)(12.30) —Briefly in response, the Government of course will persist with clause 9. The remarks made by Senator Lewis and Senator Archer are not supported by the industry. The industry does not believe that it is going to be pushed out by this. I do not think Senator Lewis's sausage balloon metaphor would persuade the industry to any other point of view. Clearly here is a support for this. There is a legal precedent in the Minister for Housing and Construction being able to give direction under certain circumstances. The Government already has made it quite clear that the special interest provision will be strictly limited in its use. It will be used only when proposals have particular importance in terms of the Government's housing policies and where mortgage insurance would not otherwise be provided because of the application of strict commercial principles. Examples of proposals that might be covered by special interest determination include housing in remote areas and multiple occupancies of developments, including communal housing. Therefore, we persist with clause 9.