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Tuesday, 14 May 1985
Page: 1910

Senator COLLARD(5.50) —If I cannot persuade the Australian Democrats by my eloquence, maybe the logic of my argument will. We will not be supporting the Democrats' amendments and if they do not support the amendments I have moved, we will end up with the 15 per cent equalisation which neither of us wants. The Opposition has used the Industries Assistance Commission figures as a yardstick. The equalisation percentage for raisins going from 47 per cent to 15 per cent in two years is quite a jump, and yet that is what it will be if the Democrats vote against our amendments.

Senator Macklin —You could support our amendments; no trouble at all.

Senator COLLARD —We will not be supporting the Democrats' amendments. Be it on their heads if the equalisation percentage goes down to 15 per cent. As I said, we do have a basis. We are using the IAC as a yardstick. Maybe the logic of my argument will persuade the Government also that we should look at the situation in 1988. I think there is good reason for us to do that in this very fragile industry. I certainly agree with Senator Macklin that 15 per cent is too low. That is why we want to look at it again in 1988. I have moved my amendments and I stand by them.