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Tuesday, 14 May 1985
Page: 1896

Senator MACKLIN(4.15) —I indicate that the Australian Democrats do not support this particular amendment. The proposition that the Government has brought forward was debated in this chamber on 2 May last year when the fishing legislation was amended on that occasion. We had a similar debate then when I think the types of concerns that the Opposition has now raised were raised at that stage by us. I suppose it is a matter of regret that the procedures of review would be of such a kind as to probably take at least 30 days to get through anyhow, and so under one or other of the headings very little advance would be made in the interests of the person whose licence was suspended. It does not seem that going down the review path on the suspension aspect would actually materially assist the person. Indeed, I think that the current arrangement where there is a legislative limit-that is, the one month-at least is firm, whereas under the procedures set down for the appeal it would almost be an open-ended operation, basically at the behest of the operations of the bureaucracy. It depends how rapidly the bureaucracy gets itself moving.

Senator Archer —It would probably be a good thing if you were not fishing for, say, banana prawns.

Senator MACKLIN —It may be, but Senator Archer's amendment will not assist matters because it will take 30 days anyway to get the matter reviewed, and that does not seem to be terribly much different from one month.

Amendment negatived.

Bills agreed to.

Bills reported without amendment or requests; report adopted.