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Monday, 13 May 1985
Page: 1798

Senator JACK EVANS —My question is addressed to the Minister representing the Minister for Arts, Heritage and Environment. On 18 August 1982 did the then Labor spokesperson on environment, Mr West, move an amendment to the Wildlife Protection (Regulation of Imports and Exports) Bill 1982 for the inclusion of harp seals and hooded seals on Schedule 3? Did Mr West, in moving the amendment, state that if the Government did not accept it 'it would be because it is really afraid of the trade reaction from the Canadian Government'? Will the Minister, under the power conferred on him by section 9 of the Wildlife Protection (Regulation of Imports and Exports) Act 1982, now amend Schedule 3 to include harp seals and hooded seals? Finally, will the Minister also amend Part I of the Schedule by adding the words 'or a specimen that is derived from a genus, species or sub-species specified, or described in Part II', in order that products derived from whales, dolphins, porpoises, harp seals and hooded seals may also be prohibited imports?

Senator RYAN —The brief provided to me by the Minister whom I am representing does not have any information on the things that Mr West said when he was the spokesperson for the environment in 1982. I will refer the detailed questions and suggestions in Senator Jack Evans's question to the Minister and seek a speedy reply for him.