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Monday, 22 April 1985
Page: 1344

Senator GEORGES(10.41) —Mr Deputy President, the matter I wish to discuss is a small one, but I consider it important. I believe that there is a move by the Joint House Department to deprive the attendants of their chairs. It may be a small thing but, nevertheless, I consider it to be important; in fact, I could get quite excited about it. It seems to me quite unacceptable that the Joint House Department should consider taking away from the attendants, who have to put in long hours, the comfort of sitting down occasionally or, for that matter, of sitting down while on duty and getting up only when required to do so. I would have thought that instead of taking away their chairs they would have been provided with better chairs because some of the chairs, especially those on the lower levels of this building, are quite uncomfortable.

I am serious about this. The Joint House Department ought to reflect on the fact that there would be quite a deal of opposition from honourable members and senators if it tried to impose that sort of hardship on our attendants.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —Senator Georges, I know nothing of the matter to which you refer. I will bring it to the attention of the President.