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Monday, 22 April 1985
Page: 1286

Senator GRIMES (Manager of Government Business) —I table papers in accordance with the list circulated to honourable senators. I seek leave to have the list incorporated in Hansard.

Leave granted.

The list read as follows-

1. Commonwealth Grants Commission-Report on Tax Sharing Relativities 1985-Vol. 1 and 2-Pursuant to Section 25 of the Commonwealth Grants Commission Act 1973-A copy of the seven volumes of working papers of calculation and explanatory text (comprising more than 4,000 pages) which accompany the report has been made available to the Parliamentary Library for reference purposes.

2. Document relating to the 1984 Redistribution of the States and the A.C.T. into Electoral Divisions-Pursuant to Section 75 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

3. An investigation of the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme-Report by the Inter-State Commission Volumes 1 and 2-Pursuant to Section 10 (3) of the Inter-State Commission Act 1975.

4. Australian Heritage Commission-Annual Report 1983-84-Pursuant to Section 43 of the Australian Heritage Commission Act 1975-Together with the text of a statement by the Minister for Arts, Heritage and Environment relating to the report made in the House of Representatives on the 18 April 1985.

5. An Australian code of conduct for companies with commercial interests in South Africa-Text of a statement by the Minister for Foreign Affairs made in the House of Representatives on 18 April 1985.

6. Operation of the Fishing Industry Act 1956-Annual Report 1983-84-Pursuant to Section 8 of the Fishing Industry Act 1956.

7. The Queensland Electricity (Continuity of Supply) Act 1985-Report by the Human Rights Commission-Pursuant to Section 9 of the Human Rights Commission Act 1981.