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Wednesday, 17 April 1985
Page: 1184

Senator RYAN (Minister for Education)(7.02) —I have the documents sought by Senator Peter Rae under standing order 364 to be tabled. On behalf of Senator Walsh, I have been asked to point out that there is no obligation on Senator Walsh to table the documents, nor was there at the end of Question Time. Senator Walsh presumed that Senator Peter Rae was aware of that. He could have requested the tabling of the documents at the time, but he did not do so. However, Senator Walsh is anxious to assist Senator Peter Rae to understand the parlous state of the Queensland economy under the incompetent administration of the Bjelke-Petersen Government. Therefore, on Senator Walsh's behalf and at his request, I am happy to table the two documents used by Senator Walsh at Question Time today.

I point out for the benefit of honourable senators present that the first document is a comprehensive survey by Senator Maguire entitled 'Inside the Faltering Queensland Economy'. The second is a brief paper on recent economic indicators. Both documents demonstrate that the Queensland economy is retarding the performance of the national economy. Queensland is performing below average according to virtually every economic indicator. Senator Walsh points out that Senator Peter Rae will have the opportunity to pursue these matters at Question Time tomorrow. On behalf of Senator Walsh, I now table the two documents requested by Senator Rae under standing order 364.