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Tuesday, 16 April 1985
Page: 1020

Senator SCOTT (Leader of the National Party of Australia) —On behalf of the National Party of Australia and, indeed, on my own behalf, I thoroughly endorse the words and sentiments of the Leader of the Government in the Senate (Senator Button) and the Leader of the Opposition (Senator Chaney) in respect of the death and more particularly the life of Sir Kenneth Anderson. As has been noted, Sir Kenneth, of course, had a distinguished and long career during World War II in the Australian Imperial Force. I guess that as a prisoner of war for more than three years on the Burma-Thailand railway and in Changi he must have been subjected to the severest test that a human being can be subjected to both mentally and physically. It is quite significant of the man that when he returned home he saw fit to represent in all three spheres of government in this country-local, State and Federal.

When I became a member of the Senate in 1970, for a brief while, Sir Kenneth Anderson was the Leader of the Government. He immediately impressed me as a gentle man, and yet a man who had a very great regard for a proper measure of discipline. As a newcomer I found his natural friendliness was something that one appreciated extraordinarily because in those days we had not arrived at the enlightened stage at which we are now. When we become members of the Senate nowadays, there is a quite significant process of education and a lot of help. In those days one was totally dependent upon the friendliness and the offers of the people who were already here. I suppose, if I could think of anything that typified Sir Kenneth Anderson in my mind more than any other single thing it would be that he was a man of very great and significent modesty, which is a characteristic not always found in the community, either inside or outside this chamber. With those few words, I want to express again the sadness of my Party and myself at his passing and offer our sincere sympathy to his family.