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Thursday, 28 March 1985
Page: 931

Senator HARRADINE(10.07) —I move:

That the words 'a later hour of the day' be deleted and that the words 'immediately after Question Time' be inserted.

I understand that the reason for this postponement is to enable the Government to have some urgent business in the Senate this morning. I feel it would be more appropriate to have this matter dealt with immediately after Question Time. I do not know whether that is involved in the notice. It just says 'till a later hour of the day'. It does not specify when it will come on. If the meaning of the words 'till a later hour of the day' were clarified and meant immediately after Question Time, that would be okay. But if the Senate looks at what is coming on after Question Time, it will see that we have the Appropriations and Staffing Committee report, the Joint Committee on the Australian Capital Territory report and the report of the Joint Committee on Publications. After that we have a notice of motion by Senator Lewis relating to administration in the Australian Capital Territory, and the debate on that matter could be quite extensive. We have Notice of Motion No. 6, standing in the name of Senator Missen relating to the Great Barrier Reef. There could be considerable discussion on that matter.

After all, the Senate Select Committee on Video Material needs to report to the Senate. Under the terms of the Senate resolution, this is the last day available and we are required to report. If we are so required that report should be presented in a fashion that will enable us to debate the matter. I give an assurance that I do not intend to debate the matter very much, and I do not know that there is anybody on the Committee who does intend to debate the matter. It would be unfair to other honourable senators to leave this until the death knock at the end of the day and thus truncate any opportunity they may have to debate the matter. I simply propose that the motion moved by Senator Grimes be amended by deleting the words 'till a later hour of the day', and inserting the words 'immediately after Question Time'.