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Tuesday, 26 March 1985
Page: 812

Senator COONEY(5.32) —I express my sentiments along the same lines as Senator Chaney, Senator Sibraa and Senator Mason. I listened to what Senator Townley said, and of course outrageous interferences with rights in other parts of the world ought to be condemned. Earlier I condemned the executions in China, even though the people executed were criminals. The fact of the matter is that it is outrageous that 19 people were slaughtered-that is not too emotive a word in this situation-on the basis that they were of a different colour.

Senator Townley —Did you know that the police who actually shot them were in fact white?

Senator COONEY — Senator Townley has misunderstood what I said. They were shot because they were black; I did not say whether the police were white or black. I had not turned my mind to that. If they were shot by blacks, in my view that is more outrageous. The fact of the matter remains that they were shot because they were black. I do not say that that was the specific thought in the minds of people who did it, but I do say that that sort of result has come about because there is division in the nation. That just cannot be tolerated. I thought Senator Chaney put it well. He made very few remarks, but did so quite properly because little can be said that has not already been stated about the South African situation. Nevertheless, nothing seems to come from the statements we hear; so I say to the people who suggest that we take it slowly that it has been taken slowly over the years but we have got nowhere. Other people might want to speak: I simply want to rebut the suggestion that we should not feel outrage at what has happened in South Africa.