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Wednesday, 20 March 1985
Page: 510

Senator HARRADINE(4.59) —I thank Senator Dame Margaret Guilfoyle for giving me the opportunity simply to state that I shall be unable to vote for this motion because it is moved pursuant to standing order 64 and thus it cannot be amended. Whilst I agree with most of the points raised in the motion, I cannot vote for it because, firstly, it does not cover the field sufficiently and, secondly, my voting for item (b) could put me in the position of supporting a policy almost of laissez faire in the area of so-called incentives and opportunities for the creation of economic growth and national wealth. I am sorry that under the Standing Orders such motions are not capable of being amended. Were this motion capable of being amended, I would seek its amendment in respect of item (b). I would seek to amend it to cover the need to recognise that family allowances have been eroded severely over the years and that they should not have been placed into the social welfare sphere but should have been maintained in part in the area of taxation so that there would not have been the pressure to keep down family allowances that has arisen. Had they been continued as tax measures, there would have been recognition of the fact that, as with any business, it is costly to raise a family and that there should be tax incentives and tax considerations for that all-important job.